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Sensory training children’s fitness toys


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The purpose of training: to strengthen the ability to focus on the eyeball and improve the instability of eyeball jumping, which is a good activity to reduce obstacles.
Why do some children need sensory integration training?
Because some children are prone to the following problems during their growth, sensory integration training helps correct deviations and improve learning ability.
Behaviors that often feel uncoordinated:
1. Inattentiveness, restlessness, and lack of self-control, often running violently, seeking strong stimulation.
Second, when reading, it is easy to miss words, add words, serial, calculation errors, write inverted words, can not distinguish p or q, b or d.
3. Emotional instability, stickiness, fear of blackness, timidity, crying, impulsiveness, clumsy movements, bumps, easy wrestling, poor pen-holding posture, poor self-care ability such as dressing and lace-up
4. Insufficient self-confidence, withdrawal, fear of certain subjects for no reason, and many psychological obstacles.
Carrying out sensory integration training can promote the development and maturity of brain functions, help children effectively adapt to the environment, improve children’s learning skills and physical fitness, and let children enjoy a sense of accomplishment and trust.

The main functions of sensory equipment:
Physical training: Cultivate flexibility, agility, instantaneous strength, balance, endurance, body shape adjustment, correct posture.
Intellectual training: develop problem-solving ability, understanding, reasoning, judgment, predictive ability, coordination, perception, and practical ability.
Physical training: body organization ability, reflex movement ability, perception ability, application ability, performance ability, creativity,
Leadership training: enthusiasm, responsibility, coordination, understanding, dedication.
Team training: morality, etiquette.

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