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Finger Loop Desktop Toy Parent-child Interaction


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5 colors finger-ring.
It is convenient to carry. Roll them up and down for a fun, unique feel – they are perfect for sensory and tactile stimuli!
COMFORTABLE: Quiet fidget toy, help promote a sense of calm, reduce stress, anxiety and increase focus and attention.this spiky sensory finger acupressure massage rings, a natural distraction that stimulates calmness and reduces the craving to bite, smoke, chew nails, pick cuticles! Brush them along your fingers and better your health today!
WIDE APPLICATION: Perfect for the classroom, home, or office, they’re great for parents, teachers, students, therapists and more, and suit for those with ADD, ADHD, OCD, help them reduce stress, warm and stimulate blood flow in hands.
Use them as a cool new gift idea for anxious special needs or focus-lacking kids or adults!

Game preparation:
1. Get colored rings. (Each player gets a set of colorful rings, red, pink, yellow, green, blue)
2. Place cards: mix up the cards and place them in the middle of the table with the backside up.
Games start:
1. Turn over the cards: Separate the colorful rings on the table, and any player will turn over the shuffled cards placed on the table.
2. Set the colorful ring: When you see the picture on the card, you should quickly think about whether the pattern on the card is vertical or horizontal, and then start to quickly set the colorful ring according to the pattern on the card.
3. Check result: other players check whether the set is correct, if it is correct, you can leave the card at the bottom, if it is wrong, give the card to other players with the correct set.
game over:
The fastest way to complete the specified action is to win the card. Whoever wins the 5 cards is the winner of the game.

Product specifications: 17.5*17.5*4.5CM
Suitable for 3 years old and above
Number of players: 2 or more
Material: plastic

Package Content:
20*Colorful finger-rings

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Weight 1.81 lbs







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